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Thank you for choosing Sunu. We are creating an accessible and comprehensive tutorials and ‘How-To’ guides aimed at helping your learn and master the Sunu Band sonar smart-watch, the Sunu Tag personal article tracker and the Sunu Mobil app. Our tutorials are divided into four main guides:

  1. Quick Start Guide
  2. Safety Information
  3. Product Guide: shows you how to operate the Sunu Band.
  4. Mobility Guides: demonstrates some of the basic navigation skills with the Sunu Band sonar sensor.

You will find below the introductory information as well as an intro video to each guide. You may click on the button to enter each guide or you may navigate to each guide via the drop-down menu located at the top of the page.

Quick Start Guide

We’ve created a quick start guide to help your learn the basics of using your Sunu Band Tag. The quick start guide summarizes everything found within the Product Guide. After reviewing and practicing the quick start guide, you may go through the product guide for a more in-depth explanation. Click on the button below to start the Quick Start Guide.

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Important Safety Information

Please take a moment to review our safety information. We recommend that you first get acquainted with- and learn how to use the Sunu Band in a safe, known and confortable environment, and the tutorials and practice exercises are designed with that in mind. Click on the dropdown menu or here to review the safety information.

Button Click here to read safety information

Product ‘How-To’ Guide

The Product How-to guide is a series of short, blind accessible videos that teach you how to operate the Sunu Band sonar-smartwatch, the Sunu Tag and our Mobile App. Each video lesson focuses on a particular subject and builds on the content presented on the previous lesson. We recommend that you follow along in the series. Click on the button below to enter into the Product guide.


Button - click here to go to our Product guide


Mobility Guide

Our mobility guide teaches you how to navigate your environments using the sonar or obstacle detection modes of the Sunu Band. Click on the button below to enter into the Mobility Guide.


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Contact Sunu

If you have questions, please contact us at: hello <at> sunu<dot>io.