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Your Sunu Band comes with a free download of the Sunu App, which will allow you to control and customize the Band’s basic functions. At this time, the Sunu App is only available in the IOS App Store. An Android version is coming soon to the Google Play Store for Android users. This guide will get you started with using the Sunu App, and will teach you how to:

    1. Log-in and create an account.
    1. Pair your Sunu Band.
    1. Update your Sunu Band.
    1. Navigate The Sunu App.
  1. Basic features of The Sunu App.

*This guide assumes that you have already reviewed the Sunu Band Quick Start Guide and that you have already charged up your device.

Download & Install

Please complete the following steps on your iPhone to download and install the Sunu App.

    1. Open the App Store on your iPhone.
    1. Select the search tab.
    1. Type “Sunu” in the search field.
    1. Navigate through the list of suggestions until you reach “Sunu Inc” and then select accordingly.
  1. The Sunu App, “SunuApp Health and Fitness,” should then be displayed. Select the download option.

Accessibility: The Sunu App is fully accessible with VoiceOver, Apple’s built-in screen reader. Please contact Sunu immediately at if you find that any portion of the app, pop-ups or prompts and interactive elements are not fully accessible via VoiceOver.

Bluetooth: A bluetooth connection is required to use the Sunu Band with the Sunu App. Please activate your iPhone’s bluetooth by opening settings, and then navigate to bluetooth and make sure the toggle is set to “on.”

Push Notifications: From time to time, notifications and alerts will be sent via the Sunu App. When you first launch the Sunu App, you will be prompted to turn on push notifications. Please select “allow push notifications” for the Sunu App.

Creating an Account and Login

Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before creating your account. Parents or legal guardians of children under the age of 13 must register on behalf of their child.

There are various ways to create an account within the Sunu App. You can login connecting your Facebook or Twitter. To login with a social media account:

    1. Choose which social media account to connect with, i.e. Facebook or Twitter
  1. Provide requested permission from the Sunu App to connect to your account.

Additionally you can create an account with Sunu by selecting the Sign Up option. When you select the Sign Up option, you will need to:

    1. Provide a valid email account.
  1. Create a password.

image of the Sunu app log in screen

Pair or Link Sunu band

The Dashboard

Upon successfully creating your account and logging in you are immediately taken to the Dashboard. The dashboard provides the following:

    • Sunu Band Status Bar: notifies user about battery level and connection status of a Sunu Band paired with the app.
    • Shortcut to apps: are provided in the main view area which allow you to access important features or functions.
  • Tab Menu: located at the bottom of the screen, the tab menu allows you to navigate sections of the app.

 image of the dashboard screen

1. Sunu band Status Bar – Pairing Sunu band

Before pairing your Sunu band, please make sure that:

  1. Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  2. That the Sunu band is charged or charging.
  3. Wake up your Sunu Band pressing the HOME button

The status bar appears in grey when no Sunu Band is paired or linked. Make sure to bring your phone close to the Sunu Band. VoiceOver reads the status bar as “My Sunu Band,” followed by whether or not your Sunu Band is connected or disconnected.  When connected, VoiceOver will announce the battery percentage on your Sunu Band. To pair your Sunu Band:

  1. Tap on the status bar to enter into the Pair & Update screen.
  2. Next, flick right and tap on the Pair Your Sunu Band button or the blue + sign next to the Sunu Band icon.
  3. Rest the wrist strap containing the adjustment holes directly on top of your iPhone’s screen. An audio message  will indicate the connection status once complete.

If pairing is taking to long:

  1. Press the HOME button to ‘wake up’ the Sunu band.
  2. Make sure that your phone is very close to the touch pad surface of the Sunu band.

Once you’ve paired your Sunu Band, the connection status appears as linked. You can unpair your device at any time. Simply navigate to the status bar, and tap the ‘X’ or unpair option that is now available to unpair your device.

Now you are ready to update your Sunu Band.

image - sunu band pairing screen

Updating Sunu band

It is important to maintain both your Sunu App and your Sunu Band up-to-date with the latest software. From time to time, our team of engineers will make improvements and software fixes in case of issues or bugs. Updating your device insures that your Sunu Band keeps operating at its best.

When you first receive your Sunu Band, you may need to do a device update. To update your device, tap on the Sunu Band Status Bar.  You will be taken to the Pair & Update screen. If a Sunu Band update is available, a blue Update Sunu Band button will appear underneath the Sunu Band connection status. To update your device:

  1. Keep your phone very close (almost touching) to your Sunu Band. We recommend you rest the back of your phone on the touchpad of the Sunu Band.
  2. Press the Update Sunu Band button
  3. VoiceOver prompts will guide and indicate the status of your update.
  4. Sunu Band will do a long vibration once the update is successful if an update is available for your Sunu Band.Important – wait until the Sunu Band does its long vibration before removing your phone. If Sunu Band does not vibrate and suddenly become un-responsive, please close and re-open the app.

Congratulations! By now you’ve paired up and updated your Sunu Band with the Sunu App. Future update notifications will appear on the Sunu Band Status Bar.

image of the Sunu app update Sunu band screen

Navigating the App

Navigating the Sunu App is done via the menu tabs that are located at the bottom of the screen. Tap on any of the three menus to switch between the following screens:

    • Dashboard: provides status information about your Sunu Band and quick access to certain functions.
    • Apps: allows you to install, activate and customize the apps currently active on the Sunu Band.
  • More: make changes to your profile, access the in-app guides and contact us for help.

image of the sunu app menu tab

I. Dashboard Tab:

The dashboard tab is the home screen. It provides important information about your Sunu Band and allows quick access for management  of certain functions on your Sunu Band. The two important parts of the dashboard are:

1. Sunu band Status Bar

Now let’s get to know what information is provided in The Status Bar. Once your Sunu is successfully paired with your phone, the Sunu Band Status Bar provides the following information about your device:

    1. Battery level indicator: shows the current charge on the Sunu Band.
    1. Bluetooth indicator: shows that a bluetooth connection between your Sunu Band and phone is established.
  1. Updates or Cloud Icon: will indicate when a new update is ready to install.

image of the sunu app, connection status bar for sunu band

2. Short-cut Icon

You will be able to immediately begin customizing your Sunu Band from within the dashboard. Two shortcut icons are provided:

    1. Obstacle Detection App: allows you to adjust the range and sensitivity for both sonar modes.
  1. Haptics: allows you to adjust the vibratory feedback intensity that you feel on your wrist.

II. Apps Tab:

Sunu Band comes pre-loaded with various apps which provide distinct functionalities to your Sunu Band. A list of installed apps on your Sunu Band will appear within the apps menu. The apps menu allows you to activate / deactivate and customize a particular app.  In the future, new apps will become available which you may choose to install on your Sunu Band. The following apps are currently available with Sunu Band:

      • Time: allows you to tell time with Sunu Band’s Haptic Watch.
      • Alarms: set vibratory alarms at your convenience.
      • Obstacle Detection: activate advanced echolocation features and adjust the sonar range and sensitivity for both sonar modes of the Sunu Band.
      • Gestures: quick ON/OFF with simple movements of the hand.
      • Haptics: adjust the vibration sensations that are felt on the wrist.
    • Place Finder: connect with Google Maps to find and navigate to points of interest or local businesses in your area. Note this app is still in beta.

III. More Tab:

Don’t forget to check out this important part of the Sunu App for guides, help and additional information. From within the More Tab you will find the following:

    • My Profile: make changes to your profile; name, email, connected account, etc.
    • Interactive Guides: access our learning content within the app. A Sunu Band Quick Start is currently available. More interactive learning content will be available in the future. Please make sure to check back periodically for additional guides and tutorials.
    • Help: send a message to our support team.
  • Share: Tell a friend about Sunu Band.

Managing and Customizing Your Sunu band

The Sunu App allows you to manage and customize the apps and functions that are on your Sunu Band. This is done from the Apps Tab. It is important to have Bluetooth enabled on your phone when using the Sunu App. The following describes how we manage and customize apps on your Sunu Band. Other apps presented within the Apps Tab are described in more detail within their corresponding tutorial. 


This app synchronizes the time on your phone with Sunu Band. Your Sunu Band must be paired with your phone in order to use this app. The time app provides a toggle switch to turn ON/OFF the time sync with your phone. By default, the time sync is ON.


Similar to any alarm clock, this app allows you to set a vibratory alarm for your Sunu Band. Your Sunu Band must be paired with your phone and the Time App must also be ON for the alarms app to work properly. From within the Apps Tab you can:

    • Turn ON/OFF the Alarms App from the toggle switch.
  • Tap into the Alarms App to create a new alarm or manage your current alarms.

image showing the various screens within the alarms app

Creating an Alarm

The alarms manager is the first screen that you will find as soon as you enter into the Alarms App. From within the alarms manager, you can:

    • Create a new alarm: Tap on the plus (+) or add new alarm icon.
    • Edit an existing alarm: Tap on the alarm name to edit.
    • Turn ON/OFF a specific alarm: Toggle the switch to activate or deactivate the alarm.
  • Delete an alarm: When you swipe left on the alarm name, a delete option will appear.

VoiceOver users may use the actions rotor to delete alarms by swiping up or down.

Setting or Editing an Alarm:

Setting or editing an alarm works the same as the traditional alarm app on your phone. Changes are automatically saved, additionally to changes being saved when you tap on the ‘back’ button. Here is how you set/edit an alarm:

    1. Time Picker: Rotate the picker wheel by swiping up/down on the screen to select the hour, minutes and AM or PM option for the alarm.
    1. Repeat: Toggle the switch to select the day or days of the week for when the alarm will activate.
    1. Vibratory Pattern: Select how your Sunu Band will vibrate at the time of the alarm. Toggle the switch to select among three available patterns. You can preview each vibration pattern as you toggle the switch. By default, one pattern will always be active.
    1. Snooze: Toggle the switch to enable/disable snoozing for this alarm.
  1. Alarm Name: Enter a name for the alarm in the text field or use the default alarm name provided.
Vibratory alarm on the Sunu band

Sunu Band will begin vibrating with the distinct pattern you’ve chose at the alarms’ predetermined start time. To acknowledge or turn OFF the vibration alarm:

Press the HOME button on the Sunu Band.

To snooze an alarm:

Swipe in any direction on the touchpad.

 Obstacle Detection

The Obstacle Detection App on your phone allows you to customize how the sonar works on your Sunu Band. As soon as you tap into the Obstacle Detection App, you’ll be able to:

    • Adjust the sonar range and sensitivity for each sonar mode on your Sunu Band.
    • Turn ON/OFF the Edge Detector, an advanced echolocation feature.
  • Set the units of distance by selecting between Feet or Meters.

*A shortcut to this app is provided from within the dashboard.

Adjust range and sensitivity

Tap here to select the sonar mode which you want to adjust. You may choose between the short (indoor) range and long (outdoor) range sonar mode. Each mode has its corresponding range and sensitivity screen.

    • Range Slider: move the slider to increase or decrease the sonar range between 1 – 16 feet or 0.5 – 5  meters. The range value is displayed underneath the slider and is updated when the range slider is moved. The range value is displayed in the unit distance, i.e feet or meters.
  • Sensitivity Slider: Allows you to adjust the level of power provided to the sonar. Move the slider to increase or decrease the sensitivity between a level of 1 (Low) to 10 (High).
Unit System

Select between the English or Metric units system that display the range values within the sonar modes. Use the selector switch to toggle between Feet or Meters.


Toggle the switch to enable or disable gesture control of your Sunu Band.

Gestures are simple movements of the hand that allow you to control certain functions of the Sunu Band. Sunu Band’s sensors track the position and movements of your hand to enable you to quickly SLEEP and WAKE-UP the Obstacle Detection App without pressing a button.


The Haptics App enables you to manage and customize the vibration feedback that you receive from the Sunu Band. You can adjust the level or intensity of the haptic vibration feedback felt on the wrist when the Obstacle Detection App is in use.

Adjust the slider between soft, medium, and strong vibration intensity.

**A shortcut to this app is available from within the dashboard.

What’s Next?

We recommend that you now review our Introduction to Echolocation. We will soon be including a set of mobility tutorials prepared by the experts at World Access for the Blind. Our product guide provides additional tutorials for the suite of apps and functionality that are available for Sunu Band and our mobile app.

Have Questions?

Be sure to visit us at for the latest guides and educational content. If you have any questions about our tutorials or need additional assistance, please contact us at


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