Sunu Band Compass

Opening the Compass

To begin, double-click on the HOME button of the Sunu Band. Once on the menu, we swipe on the touchpad to select the “Compass” option. Double-tap on the touchpad to activate the compass app. (we can also use the compass from the mobile application, from “Sunu Band compas” , in the “Apps” tab).

The Sunu Band uses various internal sensors to know its position in space, as well as in which hand we have placed it. Whenever we are going to use navigation / location applications, such as navigation and the compass application itself, it is important to make a few movements with the arm fully stretched downwards. forward as well as backward and to the side, as if our arm were a pendulum, so that the sensors capture well the location of the bracelet. If we do not do this, sometimes the orientation is not precise

Using the Sunu Band Compass

After making these brief movements, raise your forearm, placing it parallel to the ground and pointed to the horizon. Automatically, Sunu Voice will tell us where which direction on the compass we are facing. And if we start to turn around, making a circle, we will listen continuously to where our hand is pointing. Come on, we’ll hear North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West and Northwest. All this accompanied by different vibrations, which allows us to use this functionality even without having activated the voice response in the mobile. For example, when we focus to the north the Sunu Band vibrates quickly and continuously. When facing south it vibrates in a slower and pulsed way or stachotto. The rest of the points it emits a single vibratory pulse to announce the three intermediate points both on the east side, that is to say northeast, east and southeast, like the three on the west side, that is southwest, west and northwest.

Additionally, if we double-tap on the touchpad of the bracelet while focusing in a certain direction, we will obtain a much more precise orientation, listening to the degrees corresponding to that position in which we are (the 0 ° corresponding to the north, the 90 corresponding to the east, the 180 of the south, the 270 of the west, and all the intermediate degrees).

Exit & Close the Compass

To exit the compass, simply press the HOME button to return back to the home mode.