Proximity Voice Feedback

About Proximity Voice Feedback

Proximity Voice Feedback is an advanced echolocation feature of Sunu Band that allows you to hear the distance that you are to object or obstacle. The app is designed to complement Sunu Band’s haptic vibration feedback by providing you distance information in the following way:

  1. Voice: reads the distance in units of feet or meters.
  2. Sound: a beeping sound is used to relay the distance in a similar way to the vibration feedback. The beeping sound becomes more frequent as you are closer to an object, or less frequent as you are further away from an object.

The app also provides a visual distance meter that can be used as part of training or a mobility lesson.

Before you begin

  1. Please make sure that the Sunu App is up-to-date and that your Sunu Band is also up-to-date by downloading the latest software version for your device.
  2. Make sure that Voice Services are enabled.
  3. Make sure that you’ve selected the unit system that is best for you, ie. Feet or Meters. To change the unit system, go the Obstacle Detection and toggle the unit selector to Feet or Meters.

Activating Proximity Voice Feedback

  1. Press the Navigate button on your Sunu Band to activate the Sonar or Obstacle Detection app.
  2. Select the appropriate sonar mode: swipe in to use the Indoor or short range sonar mode or swipe out to select the outdoor or long range sonar mode.
  3. Double Tap on the touch-pad to activate the proximity voice feedback. This will automatically open the Proximity Voice Feedback app on your phone and you will immediately hear the Proximity Voice read distance if the sonar detects an object.
  4. When an object is within range of the sonar, the proximity voice will read the distance. The distance will be read at an interval – every 5 seconds, 10 seconds or always on.
  5. The Proximity Voice will also announce when there are no objects detected.
  6. Press the Home button to exit out of Proximity Voice Feedback. This will also exit you out of the sonar app.
  7. A visual distance meter is also provided and may be used during a mobility lesson.

Exit or Turning OFF Proximity Voice Feedback

  1. To EXIT or turn off the Proximity Voice Feedback, double tap again on the touchpad.

Customizing Proximity Voice Feedback

  1. Make sure that you have your phone available and that the Sunu App is open.
  2. Select apps from within the App Tab and tap into the Proximity Voice Feedback app.
  3. Select your preferred method of audio feedback. you may choose to receive feedback as:
    • Voice: Reads the distance in Feet or Meters.
    • Sound: a beeping sound provides distance information in a similar way to the vibration feedback. When an object is within range of the sonar, the beeping sound will become more frequent as you are closer to the object or vice versa as you are further away from the object.
  4. Select the time interval at which the proximity audio feedback is provided. You may choose to hear the proximity audio feedback every 5 seconds, 10 seconds or continuously.
  5.  A default button at the bottom of the screen will restore this app to the default settings.


Please reach out to us at is you require additional assistance with this app or any of our other apps.