Charging your Sunu Band

You’ll need to charge the Sunu Band before using it for the first time. A micro-USB to USB cable is included in the Box. We recommend that you recharge your device for at least three hours. The battery life is about 1-2 day with regular use.

Step 1: Begin by identifying the micro-USB inlet that’s located on the bottom-side of your device. 

Step 2: Next, grab the micro-USB plug and feel the two metal bumps. Orient the Micro-USB plug so that the two metal bumps face away from the sonar sensor.

Step 3: Connect the micro-USB plug into the micro-USB inlet of the Sunu Band. Press firmly until you feel it ‘click’. Connect the USB side to any USB power adapter.

Sunu Band will vibrate after a 15-20 seconds if it is correctly receiving charge. If Sunu Band does not vibrate after a minute, please make sure that the micro-USB connector is inserted all the in. If you continue having problems charging your Sunu Band, try using another USB to Micro-USB cable or contact Sunu at