Sunu Band + Sunu App Quick Set up

Welcome to our quick step-by-step instructions to download the Beta Version of the Sunu App.

This quick instruction will show you how to install the Sunu App and set it up, remember that for these steps to work. You should’ve requested to be enrolled in this program to receive the Invitation email link.

Before you start, be sure you DO NOT have the Sunu App installed, as we will proceed with the installation of the new Sunu App version in a few moments…

Steps to downloading the Sunu App

Access your email corresponding to your Apple ID and check out in your inbox for an invitation email to Sunu Beta. tap on the button “View On Testflight”.

Image description: Smartphone showing Testflight Email invitation

It will take you to a link in which you will be able to download the app called Testflight. You may also look it up on the App Store.

Once you have downloaded the App, you’ll have to log in with your Apple ID. Once you’re in, you should be able to hear the Sunu App available for download.

To start using the Sunu App you will need to login to your Sunu account to start.

The next step will be to update your Sunu Band now.

Be sure, your Sunu Band is fully charged.

Connecting your Sunu Band

Once you open the Sunu App, you’ll be directed to the main tab Navigate.

Image description: Smartphone showing My Sunu Band Tab

To connect the Sunu Band, proceed by tapping on the second tab from the left on the bottom of your screen so that we can pair it to your iPhone.

  1. Press the button Connect Sunu Band on your iPhone
  2. Press your Sunu Band’s Home Button to wake it up, put them close enough to detect each other via Bluetooth.

Sunu Band firmware update

Image description: Smartphone showing My Sunu Band Tab

To update your Sunu Band to the newest firmware version, go to My Sunu Band Tab. 

Once you locate the option Updates press and hold that option until a menu pops-up, you will need to enter a code so that you’re able to download the firmware in the Sunu Band. 

Enter the code: 397 

Please allow a few seconds for the process to complete, your Sunu Band will vibrate once the process is complete.

What’s new in the new interface of the Sunu Band?

Image description: Sunu Band

New Obstacle Detection Interface

Now, you will be able to simply switch between indoors, outdoors, or simply turn off the sonar sensor by simple swipes in one direction or the other.

Cycle describing the circle that depicts how it works.
  1. Wake up your Sunu Band with the Home Button.
  2. Press the Navigation button to activate the Obstacle Detector.
  3. Swipe in one direction to activate the indoors mode, swipe again for outdoors, swipe again if you wish to deactivate the application.

Hand Pointing Gestures

When you decide to activate this new feature, you will be able to use two apps at the same time, you can now decide whether you want to use the Compass App to know the direction you’re heading to or discover places nearby in the direction you’re pointing towards.
To make this feature work, you simply need to place your arm in a horizontal position, to continue detecting obstacles on the way, place it back to a normal natural position.

Enhanced Menu and more features available

The Menu in your Sunu Band gets activated automatically when you double-click the Home Button, the options now available are:

· Compass. 
· Where Am I?
· Place Finder
· Nearby Places
· My Favorites.