Charging your Sunu Band

You need to charge the Sunu Band before using it for the first time. A micro-USB to USB cable is included in the Box. We recommend that you recharge your device for at least three hours. The battery life is about 1-2 days with regular use. Kindly note that with constant use you may need to put it to charge after five hours of continuous use, as the sonar demands a fair amount of battery.

Step 1: Begin by identifying the micro-USB inlet that’s located on the bottom side of your device.

Step 2: Next, grab the micro-USB plug and feel the two metal bumps. Orient the Micro-USB plug so that the two metal bumps face away from the sonar sensor.

Step 3: When connecting the micro-USB plug into the micro-USB inlet of the Sunu Band, press firmly until you feel it ‘click’. You may now connect the USB side to any USB power adapter.

Remarks* Sunu Band will vibrate after 15-20 seconds if it is correctly receiving charge. If Sunu Band does not vibrate when you press the Home Button after several minutes it has been plugged, please make sure that the charging plug is inserted all the way in. If you continue having problems charging your Sunu Band, try using another USB to Micro-USB charging cord or power outlet, contact Sunu at If you experience issues with charging your device.

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