Getting to know your Sunu Band

Let’s begin by exploring the different parts of your Sunu Band.

Below is an image of the Sunu Band with numbers next to its important parts.

Illustration showing the parts of the Sunu Band

Sonar Sensor (Number 1): The sonar is the metal cylinder located at one of the rounded corners of the Sunu Band. The sonar will detect objects that are within the environment and in the direction to where it’s pointing. The sonar can detect obstacles up to 16 feet (5.5 meters) in distance.

Touchpad (Number 2): The touchpad is the flat surface of the Sunu Band. Swiping along the touchpad will allow you to browse through Sunu Band app and tapping will help you select functions.

Buttons (Number 3): You may sense two buttons on one side of the Sunu Band. The Home Button is the closest to the sensor and has a rough texture. The Navigate Button is furthest from the sonar and has a flat texture. Both buttons are multifunctional and operate various functions of the Sunu Band. We will explain how to utilize them on the Operate your Sunu Band tutorial.

Charging Port (Number 4): The Micro-USB port located on the underside of the Sunu Band. It is also located opposite the sonar sensor.

Straps (Number 5): Sunu Band uses standard 20mm hypoallergenic silicone straps and a silver buckle. It can be replaced with other straps of the same standard size.

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