Home Button

The Home Button is closest to the sonar and is rough in texture. Press the Home Button to exit any application. The Sunu Band will vibrate once immediately after the Home Button is pressed.  The Sunu Band will then stand-by, and shut off after a minute of inactivity in order to conserve battery power. Press the HOME button again to power on the Sunu Band.

Pressing the Home Button enables the Battery Indicator and the Haptic Watch.

I. Battery Indicator

The battery indicator relays the battery level or amount of charge remaining via haptic vibrations. Additionally, Voice Services will announce the exact battery level percentage. To know the battery level:

Step 1: Double-tap on the touchpad.

Step 2: You will feel a series of vibration, anywhere between one to five pulses. The number of pulses indicates the level, where five pulses equal 100% charge and one pulse indicates less than 20% charge.

Step 3: The Voice service will announce the exact percentage of charge remaining, where 100% means that Sunu Band is fully charged.

II. Menu of Apps on the Sunu Band

Sunu Band includes a suite of features or apps that can be activated directly from your device. The main menu allows you to navigate between the available apps and select or enter into the one that you want to use. Please make sure that your Sunu Band is paired with your phone and that Voice Services is enabled.

Step 1:  Press twice on the Home Button of the Sunu Band. Sunu voice will announce that the menu is open and will announce the feature or app that is currently selected. 

Step 2: Swipe-In or -Out on the touchpad to navigate the menu. As you swipe on the touchpad, a new app is selected and announced. The apps that are currently available are: My Favorites, Nearby Places Place Finder, Where Am I Compass App.

Step 3: Double-tap on the touchpad to activate or enter into an app. 

Press the Home Button to exit an app and menu. This will return you back to the Home mode of the Sunu Band.

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