Wearing your Sunu Band

You can wear the Sunu Band on either your left or right hand. White cane and guide dog users should wear their Sunu Band on the opposite hand to which they handle their mobility aid. To wear the Sunu Band:

illustration showing how to wear the Sunu Band

Step 1: Locate the metal cylinder, the sonar sensor is found at one of the rounded corners of the Sunu Band.

Step 2: Place the Sunu Band on your wrist so that the flat top surface called touchpad is facing up and the sonar is facing inward or at the same side of your thumb. Adjust the belt and buckle so that it fits firmly around your wrist.

Remarks* Be sure while using Sunu Band and wearing sleeves, the sonar sensor remains exposed at all times, otherwise, obstacle detection accuracy will be affected, as the sensor will be naturally blocked by the sleeve.

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