Calibrating your Sunu Band

The Sunu Band uses various internal sensors to know its position in space, as well as in which hand we’re wearing it. We calibrate the Sunu Band in order to insure that the sensors are properly synced and working for the application we want to use. Calibrating the Sunu Band only take a few minutes. To insure that sensors are working optimally, you may be required to calibrate the Sunu Band periodically or after a device reset or an update.

Step 1: Open the Sunu App, select the Apps tab, once inside, press Sunu Band calibration. Before you initiate the calibration process, you must place the Sunu Band on a flat surface. Ensure that the strap is fully open and that the touchpad is facing up. 

Step 2:  Initiate the calibration process by pressing the Start Calibration button on the mobile app. Sunu Voice will begin prompting you throughout the process. 

Step 3:  Pick up the Sunu Band with one hand, lifting it from the flat surface where it was, and began to make the gesture of the “infinite” or a “horizontal 8”. Sunu Voice will prompt the percentage of the calibration process. Be sure to rotate the Sunu Band, lifting it up and down.
Continue this until Sunu Voice indicates that the calibration is complete.

Now we are ready to use the navigation and location applications of the Sunu Band.

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