Get started with the new Sunu App for iOS

The new Sunu App will be the companion that helps you discover places near you when out and about!

This quick guide will help you get everything set up and understand how to browse through the Sunu App, how it works, and all the new features available.

Setting up your Sunu App

When you launch the Sunu App for the first time, Sunu App will ask you to allow notifications. Select Allow to continue.

You may select your preferred social media platform to sign up or create your own Sunu Account so start.  

Image Description: Sunu App showing Sunu, Apple, Facebook and Google as sign up options

When you start, you will notice a Welcome Overview of the Sunu App and a quick settings window that helps you set up the right Voice Service speed for you, choose between feet and meters. Tap Next & Save once you finish setting everything up. 

Let’s get into it

Sunu App has four primary tabs that help you navigate through the app; they go from left to right and are called Navigation, My Sunu Band, Settings, and More.

Image description: Sunu App Icons

In all the tabs, you find all functions available, get information on your Sunu Band, make adjustments, and check out your profile information.
Take a few moments to play around, get accustomed to the app’s design, and notice how everything you need is all in one place.


Image Description: Hint Icon

The upper-right corner of your screen will show an information icon that provides a brief explanation of the options located within the tab.

Pairing your Sunu Band

To pair your Sunu Band to your smartphone, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to My Sunu Band and find the Connect Sunu Band button.
  2. When you tap on the pairing button, Sunu Band will ask you to confirm access to your Bluetooth. Tab Allow to continue.
  3. Bring your Sunu Band close to your smartphone and let a checkmark come up; Voice Service will notify you when ready. 

Sunu App updates your Sunu Band when paired the first time; wait a few moments for the update process to end if it’s required.

Finally, Sunu App will trigger a Quick Start Guide. It will show you how to use your Sunu Band by testing and following instructions via Voice Service. 

You can either follow the instructions until the end of the Quick Start Guide or close it from the Stop Quick Guide button.

We will continue to go over each one of the tabs in the app.


Image description: Sunu Band Navigation tab

When you open the Sunu App, you go to the Navigation tab by default; here, you find all navigation features available to boost your independence. We’ll dedicate a whole tutorial to this section; please visit Discover Sunu Band Navigation Features to learn more about the functions possible.

My Sunu Band

Image Description: Sunu App My Sunu Band tab

This tab concentrates all the useful data and options to help you get the best of Sunu Band and start boosting your independence!
Here are the options on this tab:

  • Pair and unpair the Sunu Band,
  • Calibrate,
  • Update,
  • Voice Service toggle switch,
  • Set up your wrist preference,
  • activate the Quick Start Guide,
  • and set up and vibratory alarms.

Keep in mind that you have to calibrate the Sunu Band to use Place Categories and Compass App.


Image Description: Sunu App Settings tab

Adjust or customize your experience! 

Settings appear in three sections; Navigation, Sunu Band, and general adjustments.

They will be helpful to:

  • Filter the information you want to receive when using Sunu Navigation features. 
  • Adjust the sonar sensor, time format, and gestures.
  • Modify voice service, language, and choose between feet or meters. 


Image Description: Sunu App More Tab

The More Tab helps you access the online tutorials, request assistance from the Sunu Support team, access your profile information, rate the Sunu App, and log out.

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