Sunu Band Menu

The Menu is enabled when your Sunu Band is paired to your smartphone; it lets you start all features available. To access the menu, do the following:

  1. Double click the Home Button; you should hear Voice Service say “Menu.”
  2. Swipe to browse through the options.
  3. Double-tap on the touchpad to select the feature you wish you use.

The Navigation features available go as follows:

  • Compass
  • Where Am I
  • Place Categories
  • My Favorites
  • Explorer

Activating the Menu

The Sunu Band menu activates when you double-click the Home Button on Sunu Band; Voice Service will tell you the list of apps available with every swipe. 

Quick Access Feature

The Quick Access feature allows you to select a feature that activates with a double-click on the Navigate Button on your Sunu Band.

Note: By default, double-click on the Navigate Button triggers the Where Am I feature.

Features Menu

This option allows you to select, mark, and unmark features available on Sunu App via a toggle switch on your App. This way, you may switch ON only the features you want to use.


Modifying the shortcut of Quick Access Feature and options available on the Menu might not currently be available on iOS version 6.6.6

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