Mobility Guide


Our mobility guide will demonstrate the techniques that will enable you to navigate your surroundings with Sunu Band. Each video lesson explains the technique and provides guided exercises for you to follow and practice. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the operation of the Sunu Band. You can always refer to our Product Guide or How-To tutorials at anytime.

02-Introduction to Echolocation with Sunu Band

This video lesson describes how echolocation and sonar work and provides three guided exercises that introduces you to sensing objects with the Sunu Band. You may read our guide to learn more about using Sunu Band in the echolocation or sonar modes.

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03-Aiming & Pointing the Sunu Band

This tutorial provide more instruction on how to aim or point the Sunu Band through four guided exercises. This essential technique is important to navigating  our environments with Sunu Band.

04-Sensing Proximity of Objects or Obstacles with Sunu Band

This video lesson explains how you can sense your proximity to objects and obstacles using Sunu Band.