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Sunu Voice Services

The Sunu voice services app allow you to obtain a voice response or audio from your mobile device announcing the different functions selected on the Sunu Band. To use this utility we must first activate the “Sunu Voice…

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Navigating the Menu of Apps on the Sunu Band

Sunu introduces a suite of features or apps for the Sunu Band. This guide provides instruction on using these apps. A basic understanding of operating the Sunu Band and our mobile app is required. The incorporation of these…

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Phone Finder App

Finding Your Phone with Sunu Band Open the menu by double-clicking on the HOME button of the Sunu Band. The menu will open and the voice will announce “menu”. Navigate to the Phone Finder App by swiping on…

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Calibrating the Sunu Band

Apps that Require Calibration Certain apps and features like the compass and Place Finder app require an extra step of calibrating the Sunu Band. The Sunu Band uses various internal sensors to know its position in space, as…

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Sunu Band Compass

Opening the Compass To begin, double-click on the HOME button of the Sunu Band. Once on the menu, we swipe on the touchpad to select the “Compass” option. Double-tap on the touchpad to activate the compass app. (we…

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Place Finder, Explorer & Navigation App

What is the Sunu Band Place Finder App The Place Finder app is a wayfinding tool that allows you to explore and access various places that are within your vicinity. You’ll be able to explore various categories of…

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