Product Guides


The Sunu Band Product guide teaches you the basic operation of the Sunu Band and how to use the Sunu mobile app. You will find various guides or tutorials that explain more advanced features or functions of the Sunu Band and our mobile app.

Quick Start Guides

These tutorials are intended to help you set up your Sunu Band and app, as well as learn the basic operations.

Sunu band Quick Start Guide

What to get going quickly? We’ve created a quick start guide to help your learn the basics of using your Sunu Band. The quick start tutorial will teach you the basic of using your Sunu Band.

Mobile App Quick Start Guide

Are you ready to unlock the power of your Sunu band? We’ll walk you through getting the Sunu app installed and connected with your Sunu band. The Sunu app quick start will teach you how to pair and update your Sunu band as well as navigating the app and the important features and functions.


We are constantly expanding the capabilities of Sunu Band and our mobile app. Our team is developing and launching a suite of new apps that provide additional support and functionality around orientation and navigation, as well as other features. These tutorials will teach you how to use the various functions and apps within Sunu Band and our mobile app. Our tutorials and guides are constantly being updated and we recommend that you visit our online tutorials frequently.

Telling Time with Sunu Band’s Haptic Watch

Image-haptic watchLearn how to discreetly tell the time with Sunu Band’s haptic or vibration watch. Telling the time is easy and fun with the Sunu Band. You will learn how to activate the Sunu Band’s haptic watch and interpret the vibration code in order to tell the hour or the minutes passed.

Sunu Voice Services

The Sunu voice services app allow you to obtain a voice response or audio from your mobile device announcing the different functions selected on the Sunu Band. To use this utility we must first activate the “Sunu Voice…Read More »

Proximity Voice Feedback

Proximity voice feedback

About Proximity Voice Feedback Proximity Voice Feedback is an advanced echolocation feature of Sunu Band that allows you to hear the distance that you are to object or obstacle.

Sunu Band Apps

The Sunu Band is a multifunctional smart-watch. The functions or apps within Sunu Band are contained in the menu of apps. In this tutorial, you will learn how to access and navigate the main menu of apps within the Sunu Band.

Phone Finder

Are you always concerned with misplacing your phone? Sunu Band makes finding your phone is as easy as pressing a button. This tutorial will show you how to locate your phone withe Sunu Band’s Phone Finder app.

Calibrating Sunu Band

Sunu Band uses advanced sensor technology that can allow you to access a variety of applications for navigation, explorations and way-finding. These functions or apps require that the Sunu Band be calibrated periodically in order to insure that the sensors are working optimally. This tutorial teaches you the simple steps to maintaining your Sunu Band calibrated.

Sunu Band Compass

Using cardinal directions is an essential orientation and mobility skill. Navigating with cardinal directions will help you avoid getting lost and disoriented. Sunu Band complements your navigation skills with its built-in compass. This tutorial will teach you how to use the Compass app on your Sunu Band so you can walk with confidence and get to where you need to go.

Place Finder and Navigation App

Do you enjoy exploring new places or just want to keep up with what’s new in your community? Sunu makes exploring new or unfamiliar places easy and fun with its Place Finder app. With Sunu Band’s Place Finder, you’ll know what’s around you and receive direction on how to navigate there. This tutorial will show you how to explore nearby places that are around you with Sunu Band’s Place Finder. The tutorial will also teach you some of the basic navigation features included within the app.