Product Guide


Thank you for choosing Sunu. We are creating an accessible and comprehensive tutorials. These are ‘How-To’ guides aimed at helping your learn and master the Sunu Band¬†and the Sunu Mobil app. Our tutorials are divided into three (3) main guides:

I. Product Guide: shows you how to operate the Sunu Band.

II. Mobility Guides: demonstrates some of the basic navigation skills with the Sunu Band sonar sensor.

III. Safety Information


Sunu band Quick Start Guide

What to get going quickly? We’ve created a quick start guide to help your learn the basics of using your Sunu Band. The quick start guide summarizes¬†everything found within the Product Guide. After reviewing and practicing the quick start guide, you may go through the product guide for a more in-depth explanation. Lets begin by clicking on the button below to start the Quick Start Guide.


Mobile App Quick Start Guide

Are you ready to unlock the power of your Sunu band? We’ll walk you through getting the Sunu app installed and connected with your Sunu band. The Sunu app quick start will teach you how to pair and update your Sunu band as well as navigating the app and the important features and functions.