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The Sunu Band is now composed of four main tabs; Navigate, My Sunu Band, Settings, and More. We will go over each one of them so that you have a better understanding.

In the Navigate tab, you will find all features available for you. Now, you can use the Sunu App separately, or in conjunction with your Sunu Band, which means that you can get directions to your favorite place by using the Sunu App while detecting obstacles with your Sunu Band.


When exploring the Sunu App, you can quickly get some help by pressing the information icon located on the top right corner of your screen. The Information Icon will always help you understanding what information or functions can be performed in that tab.

Navigate Tab

The Sunu Navigate Tab composes 7 options available, they will now work in conjunction with each other so make your experience better. they will be mentioned in the order you hear them.


This new feature will allow you to know and receive constant information about our surroundings. This way you can orient yourself when out and about.

Where Am I?

This feature will provide you with your current location. You may add the closest intersection near you.


This new option will let you search for a specific place, get directions to it, save it your favorites.

Place Finder App

The Place Finder App will now list all categories so that you can pick up the one you are looking for and get information about it, directions, and if available, phone number as well.

Nearby Places

You can discover places in the direction you are pointing through the Compass. You can either use your smartphone or Sunu Band to point towards the direction you desire.

Compass App

You can use the Compass service from your smartphone by simply tapping on the option Compass; you’ll hear the direction in which your phone is pointing towards. You can also use the Sunu Band Compass by selecting the app from the Apps Menu on your device.

My Favorites

This feature will allow you to tag and save your favorite places; there are two ways to save a place as a favorite.
1. You can manually enter the name through the Search Option on the main tab, of your favorite restaurant and save it.
2. You can also save up a place when you’re there and add a name to it. e.g., Home, work, etc.

Once you’ve got a place saved as a favorite, you’ll be able to access the details when you tab on My Favorites and get directions from where you are.

My Sunu Band Tab

My Sunu Band Tab allows you to quickly access all the settings and options available for use in your device in just one place, you will be able to get all information about your Sunu Band, deactivate/activate gestures, and features.

Here’s the list of the option you will find:

Pair/Unpair Button
Battery Percentage.
Voice Service.
Hand Pointing Gesture.
Vibratory Alarms.

You will find a Toggle Switch to activate the voice service and the Hand Pointing Gestures, and the option to add a vibratory alarm in case you need to be reminded about something.

Settings Tab

Use this setting to select the information you wish to receive amongst our three options:
A) Streets and directions.
B) Streets, directions, and places.
C) Streets, directions, places, and category.

Where Am I?
Will allow you to remain with just your location or to include the nearest intersection along with your current location.

Place Finder
Access to this tab whenever you need to adjust the distance range.

Nearby Places
Use this option to select the categories of your interest, distance, and also the angle of vision.

Left or Right Hand?
Use this to select the wearing hand.

Outdoors Sonar Mode
Adjust the distance and sensitivity for long distances.

Indoors Sonar Mode
Adjust the distance and sensitivity for short distances.

Haptics Feedback
Adjust the intensity of the vibration through this setting.

Hand Gestures
This option will let you turn ON/ OFF the option to pause the sensor by double-tapping on your hip. Secondly, this option will allow you to select if the Hand Pointing App will work as a Compass or will advise on the places nearby as in your angle of vision.

Haptic Watch
Choose between a 12-hour/24-hour format. Adjust the vibration speed of the watch: Low, Medium, and Fast and choose your favorite setting. Only audio feedback, only vibrations, or both.

Units system
Select between Metric or Imperial systems.

You may update your preferred language here, please note that you will be taken to iPhone Settings when updating your language.

Voice Service
This option will help you adjust the speed and the pitch.

More Tab

General information is located in this tab, such as our terms and conditions, the option to rate the Sunu App, see the App Version, log out.
In case of assistance, you will find the option Help, our Customer Support team will be there to help you.

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