Finding nearby places with Sunu Band’s navigation app

The Place Finder app is a wayfinding tool that allows you to explore and access various places that are within your vicinity. You’ll be able to explore various categories of places with this app and what is nearby. These include subway stations, restaurants, stores, cafes, shopping centers, banks, ATMs, etc. You can select which category of places you want to know about from within the mobile app.

Place Finder allows you to select from the Sunu Band different categories of places that are around you and receive guided, real-time directions to reach the desired location. Guidance is offered through voice via your mobile device. The advantage of this new function compared to other GPS apps, is that we can explore our environment using the Sunu Band, knowing precisely in which direction the different places are within our surroundings and where they are located. The combination of voice prompts and haptic feedback provides real-time directions that tell you which direction to walk to.  

Please make sure that you have the following ready before using the Place Finder:

  1. Make sure that you’ve calibrated the Sunu Band, as previously explained.
  2. Turn ON Sunu Voice Service.
  3. Make sure that GPS location is activated on your mobile phone. 
  4. Allow permission for Sunu App to access the location at all times. The reason for this is that we usually carry the phone locked and stored in a pocket while listening to the navigation instructions through a headset. If we give localization permits only when the application is in use, when the screen is turned off, we can no longer perform the exploration of the elements that are around us with the Place Finder.

Step 1: Press twice on the Home Button on the Sunu Band to open the menu and swipe on the touchpad to select Place Finder App. Next, double-tap to open Place Finder.

Pro Tip:  Double-click on the Navigate Button to directly open the Place Finder.

1. Exploring Nearby Places:

You can begin exploring nearby places as soon as you open Finder. 

Step 1: Swipe on the touchpad to navigate between the available categories. Voice service may immediately begin announcing the names of nearby places that are within a given category. 

Step 2: You can explore places by raising your forearm, just like you would when using the compass, and pointing in the direction in which you want to explore. Place Finder will identify places that are within a given distance/range around you. You can adjust the range from within the Sunu App.

2. Navigating with Place Finder

To get navigation directions to a place of interest. 

Step 1: Double-tap on the touchpad to initiate navigation. 

Step 2: Confirm the selection by double-tapping again on the touchpad. You will receive audio directions to the place of interest.

Step 3:  Sunu Voice will first provide a description or a “step by step” of the path we must follow. Raise your forearm, in the same way you use the compass. You’ll feel a constant vibration to indicate that path to follow.

Step 4: During the tour, you will be guided verbally through the streets you must go to. Of course, this is heard through our smartphone, so the ideal thing is to wear headphones (preferably bone conduction so that our ears are free and we can hear the verbal instructions without losing the detail of other sounds that can help our orientation). Raise your forearm again to know in which direction to continue heading. Sunu Band will vibrate continuously in the direction in which we have to keep walking.

Pro Tip: It is important to recognize and be aware that it does not vibrate in a straight line towards the direction in which we are going, but in the direction, we have to take through the different streets to reach that place. The difference between navigation and exploration mode is that when we explore the places that are around us, the bracelet tells us the direction in which this element is located in a straight line, without taking into account the path we have to follow. In navigation mode, It then indicates directions taking into account the streets that we have to walk in order to reach our destination. 

3. Exit Navigation Mode or Place Finder

You can exit navigation mode at any time. To exit, simply tap and hold your finger on the touchpad. Voice service will announce that the navigation has concluded. Press the Home Button to exit the Place Finder.