Using the obstacle detector

Let’s take a few moments to locate the Navigate Button. This small button is located furthest away from the sonar sensor and is smooth in texture. It is a multifunctional button where you will be able to access some of the Sunu Band’s important navigation features such as the Sonar – Obstacle Detection and the Place Finder and as well as mute voice services when needed.

I. Activating the Sonar or Obstacle Detector

Sunu Band’s sonar sensor can detect obstacles that are up to 16 feet (5.5 meters away) when using Outdoor mode. Whereas Indoor mode works best when advising about objects in your personal space (4 feet or 1.4 meters). The pulses that you feel on the wrist tell you how far or close you are to an obstacle, you feel intermittent pulses when the obstacle is within range (in the same direction) of the sonar. Then, the pulses become more frequent as you get closer to the obstacle. Finally, the pulses become constant when you are sufficiently close to the obstacle. You can imagine that the obstacle or object is now within your personal space, about 2 feet away from you.

Step 1: Press the Navigate Button to activate the sonar sensor. You’ll feel a long vibration followed by either one or two pulses that indicate the current sonar mode.

There are two sonar modes. You can switch between mode by swiping on the touchpad. 

Indoor (short-range) mode:  Swipe-In on the touchpad to select this mode. You’ll feel one pulse. This mode detects obstacles at a range of 4 feet (1.3 meters) and has a narrow detection area. It is optimal for navigating indoor spaces, finding doorways, corners, and gaps, trailing, or following in a line.

Outdoor (long-range) mode: Swipe-Out on the touchpad to select this mode. You’ll feel two pulses to indicate that this mode is active. This mode is optimal for outdoor spaces, as it detects obstacles at a range up to 16 feet (5.5 meters) and has a wide detection area, you will find it useful when finding signposts, tree branches, bushes, etc.

Remember you can always adjust the beam and the sensitivity directly from the Sunu App.

Press the Home Button to exit out of the sonar or obstacle detection app.

Activating the Sonar on new Sunu App Version 6.0 Forward

The new Sunu App makes it easier for you to make a selection, the obstacle detection works in a rotational way, thus, the first swipe will activate the indoor mode, swipe again in the same direction to switch over to Outdoor mode, now, a third swipe will turn OFF the obstacle detection. The cycle repeats itself every three swipes and you may go back simply by swiping in the other direction.

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