Get familiar with your Sunu Band

We have prepared this guide so that you find useful information about Sunu Band promptly. We hope it helps you get a better notion of your new device; we will cover:

  1. Sunu Band in general terms.
  2. All you need to know about Sunu Band when you first open it.
  3. How to operate your device.
  4. How and when to use Sunu Band.

What is Sunu Band?

Image description: Sunu Band

The Sunu Band is a mobility aid for the blind and visually impaired designed to detect upper body obstacles, specifically the area that the white cane misses by nature. It protects your head and upper body by reducing accidents and develops your independence by noticing obstacles at a high level as you pass by; the Sunu Band complements your guide dog or white cane to increase the awareness of your surroundings.

Sunu Band emits vibrations immediately when finding an object on its way; these vibrations become more constant as you come closer to the obstacle in front. Vibrations adjust to warn you depending on the distance between you and the object detected.

Sunu Band comes with two presets; indoor and outdoor; each preset helps you get around obstacles depending on the range you need at a specific moment. Besides, Sunu Band enables you to adapt yourself to the place you are visiting. As it comes with a free application for iOS and Android that lets you adjust the sonar sensor’s sensitivity and range. And last but not least, Sunu App gives you access to several features such as GPS Navigation, Compass, Where Am I? And others.

Getting to know Sunu Band

When you open the box, you will find all the content you need to discover Sunu Band. Such contents will be: 

  1. Sunu Band.
  2. Printed manuals.
  3. Sunu Logo sticker (hummingbird).
  4. Micro USB charging cord.

Be sure your Sunu Band is fully charged before setting it up. To charge your device, continue the next steps:

  1. Find the Micro-USB end of your charging cord and take a few seconds to locate the two bumps you feel in one of the sides; that side shall be facing the closest end of one of the straps. 
  2. Connect that end into the Micro USB port until you feel a click;
  3. Make sure it’s tightly connected when it’s plugged. 


  • The USB-end of your cable works with any electronic power adapter; you may use any power adapter at home. 
  • Sunu Band shall vibrate after 30 seconds that it’s plugged in,  
  • it takes about two hours to get fully charged.

Operating Sunu Band

Let’s locate all the Sunu Band parts you need to know to start operating your Sunu Band. The device interface consists of two buttons and a touchpad. The buttons enable you to access the various functions of the Sunu Band, and the touchpad allows you to browse through the options and make your selection. 

Image Description: Sunu Band on one side showing two buttons.

The buttons on one side are called “Home Button” and “Navigate Button.” You can locate The Home Button by finding the closest button from the sonar sensor and has a rough texture, whereas the navigation button settles far away from the sensor and has a soft texture. 

Let’s go over the touchpad; it is the flat surface you feel when you place your fingers on top of your device. You can swipe your finger from one side to the other to browse through the apps, or you can double-tap on it to accept and select an option at any moment.

Home Button functions

Finger indicating and showing Home Button
  1. Press the Home Button to wake up your Sunu Band or exit/stop any application anytime. 
  2. Press it twice to open the menu; the menu is where you select and open any of the features available on Sunu Band. 
  3. Additionally, you can press and hold it to trigger a whistle on your phone; this notification is called Phone Finder.

Navigate button functions

Finger indicating and showing Navigate Button
  1. Press the Navigate Button to start the obstacle detection. 
  2. Double-press it to enter the Where Am I feature and hear the current location. You may change it to your favorite App through the settings of your Sunu App. 
  3. When you press and hold this button, you can turn ON/OFF the Voice Services.

Touchpad functions

Finger indicating and showing the Touchpad
  1. Switch from one mode to another when in obstacle detection or browsing through Menu options. See break down below:
    • First swipe activates Indoor Mode.
    • Second swipe activates outdoor Mode.
    • Third swipe to turn OFF obstacle detection.
    • Swipe again to go back to Indoor Mode.
  2. Double-tab to make a selection when in the Menu or know the battery level. 
  3. Get the time:
    • Swipe towards the sensor to read the hours.
    • Swipe away from the sensor to read the minutes.
Hand depicting the finger moving and performing the gestures

To quickly recap this, all you need to remember is to click, double-click or press, and hold the buttons on one side. Plus, swipe and tap on the touchpad.
Tip: Press the Home Button before getting the time or battery level to ensure Sunu Band is ON. Bear in mind that the time and battery level won’t start if you’re using an app.

Wear your Sunu Band

Image Description: Sunu Band aligns with the thumb of the wrist

Sunu Band picks up obstacles naturally when you wear it on either one of your wrists we enlist a few recommendation you must consider while wearing it. 

  1. Ensure that the sonar sensor aligns with your thumb.
  2. More your arm as naturally as possible; there’s no need to raise your arm. 
  3. You must wear your Sunu Band on the opposite hand of your white cane or guide dog.

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